Hi peopLe,, Are YoU Want To MaKe a ChangE???

when i was a young. i got some advice about my life and people's life.
all of my old family tell me that, if you want to be the best people. you must have 5 personality. such as honesty, clever, supel, diligent and be own master.

but, be sides you must have 5 personality above, the best one and importent is you must be kind people, care about another people, have a good morality and be unpretentious.

i ever seen that almost people in the small villages more have good personality better than in the big city. they are always help one and another people who need to help. although they life in simple area, they never shy.

in a big city. we can see rich people. but almost all of them doesn't have a heart and casually arrogant. they think that money is everything in the world. they life to get money, and they dead with money. rich people who have a good personality is seldom to detectable.

in my lovely country, Indonesian. they are some poor people better than rich people. all of them casually have low human resource. they just thing to get money in order they can buy some food to eat everyday. they never think to increase their prosperity. usually the poor people always easy to satisfied with everything that they was have.

Indonesians government was prepare estimate donation to sector education, healthy, economics, and socialite. all of donation will be distributed to all of region in Indonesians country. in spite of the fact, all of poor people still can't cause the change. possible that all of problem proceed from weak administration in Indonesian. corruption, collusion, and nepotism in Indonesia still become the biggest problem that must be finished in order to increase the safety of Indonesian people. the new cases in indonesia is about century's bank. if i watch news in televition and journalese. i thing that this cases, can't solved in the short time. because people in concerned in this cases is important people. so we can't make a mistake to check out this cases.

if the mistake of our country is so bad, why we aren't make the change???
many people say that we can change our life if we can move from our site to another site, so why we can't try to make a change???
if we aren't try now, maybe we will be late. if one change can change everything why not???

the change is started from EDUCATION. we know that the most important thing in developed country is education, so they can be lord over a big part of money and safety needs of every people in the world. so, if we have high knowledge's, another people can't making monkey out of you.
after that, the aspect is MORALITY. all of Indonesian people have bad morality. have low sense of honour. they non shy to be stupid people. they like to be safety better that to be more useful. so to be a good people and to be development country, we must try to be more useful, and we must have a good morality. we can try to make a new idea to change your ability so it will be more useful. never give up and working hard is a key to make it come true.

and the last is about our SELF CONVIDENCE. we must have high self confidence in face of world's challenge. we don't to be shy and we must prepare of the change of time.

if we have try third change above. i hope we can have the best personality to make our life more safety and more useful in the world. so we can't regret all of our life in the world.

what about you... ARE YOU WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE ???

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